How We Are Different and Better

We Care About What's Best For You

In many metropolitan areas, it is difficult to find a physician that is not affiliated with one of the major health systems in their area. At Central Ohio Primary Care, we have chosen to work alongside, not within, a hospital system, because our group of over 325 physicians agrees that this is in the best interest of their patients. 

Working with All Specialists in Central Ohio

Your health is your greatest and most important asset, so naturally you want the best health care that is available. Central Ohio has no shortage of state-of-the-art hospital systems, advanced medical care facilities, and specialists for every medical condition. When you choose a COPC physician, you have unrestrained access to them all. Our physicians work with specialists and care providers across all health systems, and we’re always here to help you compare the performance of these specialists, so you can choose the options that are best for you.  


Saving You Money

COPC understands how your healthcare choices impact your budget, and we are confident that we can help you save money. You may be surprised to learn that your bill from COPC diagnostic service centers can be less than half the cost of the same procedure offered at other health systems. 

Electronic Health Care Records

Even with all of the advances in medicine, healthcare costs are often driven up by outdated systems. Inefficient record keeping can waste valuable time when patients are required to repeat their medical tests and examinations. There is also the risk of missing a crucial piece of information or a prescription duplication that could compromise the quality of medical care.

As a COPC patient, your medical history follows you electronically whenever you seek care at any of the COPC practices and Diagnostic Service Centers. Your record contains your health history, including things such as lab results, cardiac testing results, immunizations and medications. All of this information is updated with each visit and is shared via a secure network with all specialists involved in keeping you healthy. This sharing of records prevents costly duplication of tests and prescriptions, and it helps us oversee your care more efficiently.

Great Education

Central Ohio Primary Care wants you to be an informed patient. We highly encourage you to spend time on our website researching all of our health resource materials. And share our website with your family and friends. COPC cares about what is best for you and all of our central Ohio community.