You Don't Have to Suffer from Your Allergies

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Allergies are different for everyone. They can range in severity from a minor seasonal inconvenience to a life-threatening emergency. No matter how your allergies affect you, when you call Central Ohio Primary Care Physicians, our allergists know you are serious about feeling better. They are here to help with compassionate and cost-effective care.

COPC Allergists are physicians who have been trained to determine the cause of your allergies, which may be related to foods, environmental factors (such as pollen), drugs, or topical substances. Allergy testing might be ordered to help make this assessment.

Once the cause of your allergic reactions is clear, your allergist will be able to create a treatment plan that’s right for you. Often, avoidance of the environment causing the reaction will be suggested. Other times, a readily available, over-the-counter medication may be all that you need. Occasionally, patients require a combination of prescriptions and allergy shots for severe allergy symptoms. Whatever your treatment plan looks like, rest assured that your allergist will create it with your comfort and lifestyle in mind.

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