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As a Patient Centered Medical Home, Central Ohio Primary Care practices are focused on the Triple Aim of improving population health, patient experience and decreasing the cost of care.

More care does not always lead to better care or improved outcomes. As patients begin to bear a greater financial burden for their care, we hope to assist you and direct you to services proven to provide value and improve your health.

COPC has partnered with Consumer Reports to bring you Consumer Health Choices. Consumer Reports’ Choosing Wisely campaign provides tools and resources to help you talk about your care options with your doctor to ensure you receive the right care at the right time. Founded by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation and supported by 60 medical societies, Choosing Wisely offers articles and videos to help you make the most of your conversations with your doctor.

To learn more about your condition and to know which questions to ask your doctor about your care, click on the documents or videos below for information about common tests and treatments.

Chest X-rays Before Surgery (ACR)

If you don’t have signs or symptoms of heart or lung disease, think twice about having a pre-operative X-ray

chest xrayIf you’re scheduled for surgery, a pre-operative chest X-ray can sometimes help make it safer by identifying medical problems that might make it a good idea to delay or even cancel the procedure. (read more)

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Treating Sinusitis (AAAAI)

Don't rush to antibiotics

sinus pain smallMillions of people each year are prescribed antibiotics for sinusitis, a frequent complication of the common cold, hay fever, and other respiratory allergies. In fact, 15 to 21 percent of all antibiotic prescriptions for adults in outpatient care are for treating sinusitis. (more)

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Money Saving Guides

ConsumerReports-BBD-LOGO-Square-low-resThese brief guides are provided by Consumer Reports Best Buy Drugs. They are intended to help you navigate the world of drugs - to save money when you buy them, to talk to your doctor about your treatment options and choices, and to take drugs more safely and wisely.

Each PDF file may be read here, printed or downloaded to the user's own device. 

Generic Drugs

  • The big difference is that generics usually cost less than brand-name drugs
  • Generic Drugs


Prescription Assistance Programs


Getting the Best Price

EKGs and Exercise Stress Tests

When you need them and when you don't

ekgIf you have chest pain or other symptoms of heart disease, an electrocardiogram (EKG) or exercise stress test can be lifesaving. (read more)

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Imaging Tests for Back Pain (AAFP) 

When you need them - and when you don't

back pain smallBack pain can be excruciating. So it seems that getting an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to find the cause would be a good idea. But that's usually not the case, at least at first.(read more)


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