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Practice Overview

Welcome to Family Physicians of Gahanna. Our mission is to see you not only avoid illness, but also obtain the best health possible. Having energy to live life fully is certainly another way of defining optimal health. This requires health maintenance which means developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We advocate weight regulation, regular exercise, nonsmoking, control of blood pressure, stress management, and good nutrition. Seeing a physician not only when you are sick, but as a means to avoid problems, is very important.

Guidelines for preventive health examinations are constantly being updated.  In general, older patients and those individuals with chronic health problems need more frequent examinations than younger, healthy people. Through history and physical assessment, risk factors can be identified and proper health programs established. We have prepared information sheets for you on preventive medicine and on handling different aspects of illness. These will be given to you as needed.  As you learn about taking care of yourself, you will be working more effectively with our physicians and staff toward your optimal health. We also have special interest and training in sports medicine on every level. Physical fitness is a very important part of a healthy life. Obtaining physical fitness is not always an easy thing, as minor injuries and nagging ailments do occur. When these problems do arise, we will be able to help with your specific problem.

Appointments & Referrals

All patients are seen by appointment. The receptionist will take appointments during any of the office hours. If an acute problem arises, please try to call the office before 10:00 a.m. so we can work you in that day. We try to stay on schedule, since we know no one likes to wait.

There are several things you can do to help us stay on schedule. When calling to schedule an appointment, be specific about the nature of your visit. A “routine appointment” is not designed to exceed fifteen minutes. If you call for an appointment that you anticipate will necessitate more than fifteen minutes for discussion and care of a problem, please indicate this to the receptionist, so that she may schedule an appropriate amount of time.

In addition, the following will help us remain on schedule. Please call 24 hours in advance if you must cancel an appointment. If you do not call to cancel your appointment you may be billed for an office visit. Phone ahead to make an appointment for extra family members that want to be seen. Please attempt to be on time for your appointment so others won't have to wait. If you are more than fifteen minutes late, you may need to reschedule. We will try to see you as soon as possible without having others wait.

Finally, we ask you for your understanding and patience when we are running behind schedule. Emergencies occasionally disrupt the schedule. When this happens, we will try to get back on schedule as soon as possible.