Meet Our Team

scott-audreyAudrey Scott, RD, LD, CDE

Innovative Diabetes Disease Manager

Audrey has BS in Medical Dietetics from The Ohio State University College of Allied Medical Professions. She has been a Registered and Licensed Dietitian with COPC Innovative Diabetes Management since 1998. Audrey also has been a Certified Diabetes Educator since 2001.

"Helping people learn to thrive with diabetes is my passion. Diabetes can be a difficult and challenging diagnosis to live with and accept. I hope to be part of the journey of discovering the art of living a healthy life with diabetes." ~ Audrey


mitchell-bethBeth Mitchell, RD, LD, CDE

Beth has a BS in Medical Dietetics from The Ohio State University College of Allied Medical Progressions. She is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian working at COPC Innovative Diabetes Management since 2008 and has worked as a dietitian and diabetes educator in the central Ohio area for many years.

"I enjoy weaving science with useful daily strategies to help people with diabetes live healthy, fulfilling lives." ~ Beth

 vent-joyceJoyce Vent, Office Manger and Appointment Scheduling

Joyce has been with COPCP Innovative Diabetes Management since 1999

"My role in our office is to contact patients who've been referred to Innovative Diabetes Management and explain the education options available to them. This includes the type of class or visit that is appropriate for them and the time and location options. I also answer general questions that patients might have. I've worked in a medical setting since 1979 and enjoy talking with patients and their family members and helping them get education that will empower them." 
~ Joyce


diabetes-employeeJoyce Cooney, Scheduler

Working with COPC Innovative Diabetes Management since 2011