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    Patient Information

    Step 1 Getting Ready

    You were referred by your doctor to attend diabetes education classes.
    We are sending you a diabetes questionnaire. Please complete it and bring it with you to the first class. If you are not currently testing your blood sugar at home, you will need to learn how. We will offer glucose meter training at the 1st class. If you have any questions about obtaining a glucose meter please call us.

    Step 2 Attending Class

    You will attend a series of 4 weekly classes, lasting two hours each. We
    encourage you to bring a family member or support person to class (at no charge). The topics for the classes are enclosed. After you have completed the classes, your doctor will receive a copy of your progress note describing your educational sessions.

    Step 3 Follow-up

    Schedule a follow-up appointment with your physician for 3 months after completing classes. A hemoglobin A1C should be done at this time. Additional follow-ups with us may be scheduled as needed to assist you in reaching your goals. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have.

    Diabetes Self Management Class Outline

    Class 1
    Introduction to your health care team
    Diabetes Myths
    Define diet/food awareness
    Identify carbohydrate
    Label reading
    Behavior Change

    Class 2
    Self-management strategies for diabetes control
    Food/meal planning
    Medications (if needed)
    Checking your blood sugars at home
    Keeping the scales balanced
    Ways to make changes without upsetting the apple cart
    Tools of the trade
    Suggestions to assist you in managing your diabetes
    Recognize your limits
    Focus on your whole self, image and attitude

    Class 3
    Tipping the scales
    Low blood sugars
    High blood sugars
    Causes, symptoms, and treatment
    Implications of the most current research
    Avoidance of long term complications
    Discuss causes and effects
    How to travel with diabetes
    Community Resources

    Class 4
    Special Topics
    Sick day guidelines
    Eating out
    More on fat
    Stress reduction