Program Testimonials

This is just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your class today. I gained much from it -- maybe it's all starting to sink in, but after today I'm more confident than ever that I can keep my diabetes under better control. ~ Garry

So my doctor asked, "What did you do?" and I said I used my newfound understanding of my condition, what is causing it, and how to control it, which I learned from the Diabetes Self Management program. In short, the program of weight loss, medication, carb awareness, and exercise IS WORKING !!  Imagine that !! 

Thanks for all your insight and expertise!!  Wouldn't have been possible without your program. ~ Michael

I am so excited that I just wanted to share my news with you:  For the first time since I've been taking my blood glucose levels, I am below 100...I registered at 98!  (I know, I know, the meter isn't exact, but this is pretty exciting for me!)

I also wanted to thank you again for an excellent class!  I learned a ton and both of you present the information in such a caring and personal manner.  I have experience in corporate training, and you both use effective training methods and forms very well.  I was encouraged and informed.  Thank  you.  If I could think of higher praise, I would include it here.  I think you're both marvelous! ~ Marianne

I really appreciated the classes! I am a nurse and know quite a bit about diabetes, but it makes it completely different when it is about my own body and health. Thank you! 
~ anonymous

I am so happy I attended this class and I now know I also have one more person on my side, I always have help if and when I may need it. ~ Rusty