Lab Services Satisfaction Survey

Laboratory Services Questionnaire – Lab Draw Station Services

Please take a moment to provide feedback on the lab services you received  as part of your visit to a COPC Ancillary Center. Your comments are used to improve our services! Select the answers that best describes your experience in our draw station today. Thank You!!

Which location did you visit today for your lab procedure?

How long did you wait before you were greeted by lab staff?

How long did you wait before your procedure was started?

Did the lab employee introduce themselves before starting your procedure?

Did the lab employee put on fresh gloves?

Did the lab employee explain the procedure?

Did the lab employee label your samples in front of you?

Did the lab employee hold pressure on the puncture site?

Did the lab employee confirm bleeding had stopped before releasing you?

Overall, how would you rate your experience in the draw station today?

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Would you like to be contacted about your experience? If so, please provide name and phone number and a manager will contact you for your important feedback!

Thank You For Participating In Our Survey. Have A Wonderful Day!