Patient Testimonials

Cindy was the best PT I have ever had and I have had several. She was very conscious of my daily activities and incorporate exercises into my activities of daily living. For the first time I have a routine I feel I will continue. The facility was small and cozy. It was quite and friendly. I like it much better than the mega centers associated with health systems. This was a very pleasant experience.

This is a great team of physical therapists. They are very knowledgeable and patient friendly. They work well together as a team. They more than met my expectations and I achieved my goal.

PTS were wonderful. They really strove to optimize my mobility within constraints of physical limitations. Really made me hopeful I could improve (and I did). Delightful caring providers.

I've also had physical therapy at 2 different OSU sites and also at OrthoNeuro. In addition, I've had occupational therapy. COPC is far and beyond the best location I've been to and that is because it was one dedicated therapist to one person with no one asking my therapist for help or needing them for something else. It isn't that they weren't good therapists at these other location;, it was because they had multiple clients and responsibilities and they didn't focus on one single client at a time. Lindsey didn't just send me off to do my exercises; she watched and corrected my form. She is very encouraging, warm and caring. I am grateful to have had her as my PT. Kudos to Lindsey and the Westerville staff.

Very positive experience! I appreciate all the helpful exercises and tools to help me with caring for my back. Very kind staff, always took me back right on schedule and worked with me to get out on time to work. Thank you, Jacob and Lisa!

All personnel extremely knowledgeable, kind and helpful! Loved my experience and world return again if the need should rise again. Thank you for this wonderful experience!

Very friendly people. Made it a pleasure to be there, even in pain!
~ R.S.

I received excellent treatment and with within four weeks I felt so much better and was able to sleep thru the night. Lindsey showed me quite a few exercises and the results were more than i had expected. Lindsey was great!
~ L.W.

Both therapists (Mary Kay and Chrisite G.) were very thoughtful and skilled in analyzing my stability and gait issues, and devising exercise routines that provided helpful therapy in office and at home. Both therapists couldn't have been more helpful in guiding me, answering questions and, at my request, providing additional help in improving my use of a walking cane.
~ M.D.

Kudos to the entire staff - Great Job! The receptionists Terie Henderson and Karen Phillips were very helpful and encouraging. All were super and very nice.
~ G.E.

Ms. Laura was not only helpful and very knowledgeable in my care, but she was fun, polite and overall wonderful. She was patient with me and very professional. I would recommend her to others.
~ B.P.

It's been a long road since my accident, but with Lisa's help I have overcome all the obstacles. No pain, no gain, and yes, there was pain, but I overcame it and I thank Lisa for all her support!!!
~ M.S.

Lisa was a wonderful therapist. She was very courteous and explained everything she was doing and how to do the therapy at home. I like Lisa very much (she was so sweet and friendly). If I have therapy again, I would like her again.
~ M.H.

I had experienced PT for low back some years ago. It was totally unsatisfactory. I have been very happily surprised by results received recently. The therapist (Chris) was realistic, clear in instruction and listened.
~ W.S.

Lisa made me feel like family. She understood my problem and took care of it the best she could Lisa and the staff made me feel right at home. Thanks so very much!
~ Michael

Kudos to the entire staff - Great Job! The receptionists Terie and Karen were very helpful and encouraging. All were super and very nice.
~ Gerald

"An incredible experience. I can't tell you how much better my shoulders feel now compared to before physical therapy. I could not imagine going any where else for any future therapy needs. You Guys Rock!!!"
~ Larry

"Mary Kay & Lisa,

I want to thank you both so much for working with me and teaching me exercises that have increased the mobility of my neck.
You were both so caring, engaging and understanding."
~ Char

"Everyone was just great and understanding. I would strongly recommend to everyone."

"My therapist helped me find ways to relieve my pain. She was patient and empathetic when I became discouraged. She coached me as she treated me. She is a great coach for us older patients."
~ Harriett

"The healing of my physical problem began with my first visit to Westerville Physical Therapy. The therapists were friendly, excellent and skilled. The exercises I did and the stretches they gave me worked very well and healed my problem. I recommend to them to everyone."
~ Elizabeth

“To the staff at Westerville physical therapy: I want to thank you for the therapy and the results have been so good. My walking in to the stores like Kroger and Kohl’s without the help of a cane or electric scooter has given me back my independence to get around. My outside walking is up to half a mile and I will keep increasing until I get back to the two mile path. I can’t begin to thank you for all the ways you helped me.” 
~ Otto

"Thank you so much for the help you gave me. It’s like a second chance on life. With my arm and shoulder, I wasn’t able to write and when I did write, you couldn’t read it. I am improving in a lot of things.  Once again, thank you."
~ Carol

"The therapy staff made my sessions less painful with their great attitudes."
~ Amy

"The physical therapists helped improve my balance. They were professional and personable. I felt they really cared about helping me. I'm still doing my exercises at home and keeping my balance! My grade for them is an A+."
~ Cherie

"What a nice group of people! The exercises were well-explained and well-demonstrated. The handouts were specific so I could continue at home. With their guidance I am much improved and look forward to feeling stronger as I will continue the regimen they built for me. I have had therapy at another facility a few years ago. The COPC Westerville experience was far superior because the staff was enthusiastic, caring and knowledgeable. I really felt they listened to me."
~ Marilyn

"Christie is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She was able to address my physical concerns alleviating pain through strength training and basic stretching. A few weeks of physical therapy provided more relief than months of chiropractic adjustments!!"
~ Eric

"My overall experience with this facility and my therapist significantly exceeded my expectations. It literally was what the doctor ordered in terms of addressing my symptoms."
~ Kim

"I really cannot adequately express how much I appreciate the care I received. (The Physical therapists) were caring, professional and made the experience so pleasant. They were encouraging and helped me so much. I also appreciate the tips and instructions that I can use as I continue to heal."
~ Delnah

"These guys saved my sanity and gave me my life back. I'm a lifetime jogger who couldn't run three feet. But after 12 sessions, I'm back to running with new habits for stretching that should extend my running career."
~ Mike

"Thank you Mary Kay and Christie for your expertise and great bedside manner to get me on my feet. I'm now able to drive and run long distances. You gave me my sanity and life back."  
~ Mike

"Christie and Laura are fantastic. They explained everything clearly, and were very interested in my recovery. If I ever need PT again, I will go there because of them. I felt cared for and valued by both of them, and noticed they treated every single patient in the same caring manner. Honestly, I'm happy I am finished and pain free BUT I will miss the two of them."
~ Marjorie

“I wanted to do an evaluation of your physical therapy system, because I found it to be so outstanding.  My therapists were knowledgeable and competent.  Cindy in particular has such an encouraging style.  I have been, as a psychologist, a consultant to another physical therapy group and I just wanted to complement from Terie at the front desk to whomever I saw working, the work ethic, cooperation and camaraderie of your staff.” 
~ Suzanne 

“Excellent and compassionate facility. I haven't felt this good in years thanks to the intuitive care of my therapist. I thought I would have to live with this back pain, but now I know I can use the tools I learned here to prevent it. Thank you!”
~ Cindy

"My experiences with the therapist were both educational and helpful. I very much appreciate it. They did an excellent job."
~ Jamie

"My first time in physical therapy was a good experience. My leg problems improved so much. Thank you to the physical therapists. They all do a great job."
~ Beth

"The physical therapists I had were absolutely wonderful. I enjoyed coming here for my sessions."
~ Teresa

"Excellent experience all around....everyone was tremendous and it exceeded my expectations from a patient comfort level perspective."
~ Sam

"I've had physical therapy for back problems elsewhere in the past. COPC was by far the best experience I've had. All of the staff works together collaboratively, each is knowledgeable, attentive, thoughtful as to each step of therapy. Mary Kay Rohrkemper is a true expert in her field. I trusted her wisdom,advice and appreciated her managerial expertise with the other therapists."
~ Suellen

"I had such a great experience at COPCP Westerville. The staff was wonderful, patient, courteous, thorough and very educational. The therapy I received and at-home exercises helped my shoulder and elbow issues immensely. I can't believe the progress made with their help!!! Thank you!!!"
~ Blake

"The entire staff was very professional and demonstrated a caring attitude that put my needs at the center of the therapy. There was teamwork, others came to help when needed. Overall a very impressive group."
~ Craig

"My physical therapist was exceptional! Very respectful, friendly and knowledgeable."
~ Cynthia

"I was very pleased to learn that COPC now has in-house PT. Your PT was more convenient (much easier scheduling) than (a competitor's) PT I received years ago. Chris and Christine were both extremely professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Other patients I observed appeared to share my sentiments. Thanks to their assistance my cervical issues have almost completely resolved."
~ Dan

"Cindy is a very good physical therapist. She listens, assesses the issue, creates a program that works for the patient and she explains everything in clear and understandable terms. She is kind and compassionate. I have recommended this facility to several friends, one a physician."
~ Tina