Beat The Pack Outline

Week 1 - Assessment & Education

◦ You will be given quizzes to take that will help answer when and why you use tobacco and what you think about your tobacco use.  There will be education on topics including pathophysiology of the lungs, nature of tobacco addiction, benefits of quitting, disease associated with smoking and cost analysis of smoking

Week 2 - Preparing to Quit

◦ You will choose a quit date and start to prepare for the big day.  We will discuss alterations to make in diet and exercise, what happens to the body after quitting, possible support contacts, and survival kit ideas

Week 3 - 
Quit Day!

◦ This week will include your first day being tobacco free.  We will discuss ways to maintain smoking cessation and talk about reducing stress, getting through temptations and work toward relapse prevention



Week 4 - Relapse Prevention

◦ We will focus on ways for you to remain tobacco free, discuss how to turn to others for support if needed, further education on disease associated with smoking, and share success stories to incorporate in your future