Patient Centered Medical Home

PCMH-Recognized-Practice-no-date-smallWe have exciting news for you!

We have been recognized by the National Committee on Quality Assurance as a Patient Centered Medical HomeTM (PCMH).

This recognition is very difficult to obtain and very few primary care practices have achieved it. The PCMH delivery system is nationally proven to increase patient satisfaction, provide better health outcomes and decrease the cost of health care. Your insurance provider is supportive of this care delivery system and has been involved in its development in Central Ohio.

We asked Central Ohio Primary Care employees to describe how being a PCMH has changed their office and patient care.  Here are some of the staff’s responses:

  • Patient focused care that emphasizes patient education, preventative healthcare, patient participation in their healthcare, and is all orchestrated with the patient’s PCP.”
  • Foundation of person’s healthcare.”
  • “Central hub, control center.”
  • “My role is to make sure patient is receiving and understanding all physician recommendations.”
  • “…the opportunity for the patient to be more involved and to take responsibility for his/her healthcare.”
  • “…it’s all about the patient and what’s best for the patient in a team approach.”
  • …one stop shop for the care, education and prevention of our patients.”
  • “allowing patients to take a more proactive role in their healthcare.”
  • team of healthcare providers and staff (not just physicians).”
  • “…better continuity of care = better health = better outcome.”

This new way of delivering healthcare also depends on YOU.  We ask you, the patient, to take a more active role in your care.  The first step is by setting goals with your physician to improve your health.

Our focus is to improve the patient experience by providing better access to your provider, enhance patient education and engagement, and measure quality improvement.  We hope that you will take a moment and observe the transformations taking place. We value your comments and opinions. Please let us know how we are doing.