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    Laboratory Services

    Our Pledge . . .

    “To provide our patients and our COPC doctors with the highest quality laboratory services available in Central Ohio.”

    Through our highly trained staff and state-of-the-art robotics and equipment, Central Ohio Primary Care Laboratory Services provide the highest quality of test results and services to our patients.

    Our main COPC Laboratory  is located on the first floor of the COPC Diagnostics Center at 4885 Olentangy River Road in Columbus, Ohio. Our service is available as part of your routine doctor’s appointment or you can visit  one of our Lab Draw Stations conveniently located in suburban settings with plenty of free parking and convenient hours. No appointment is necessary!

    Currently, the Laboratory Services Department performs in excess of four  million tests per year.

    Our COPC laboratory is COLA and CLIA certified.

    COLA is a physician-directed organization whose purpose is to promote excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care through a program of voluntary education, consultation, and accreditation.
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    COLA's goal is to improve clinical laboratory services by ensuring that each certified lab provides the best patient care and that tests are accurate and run in accordance with quality systems in order to serve patients better. 

    We are your best choice for laboratory services because we:

    • Draw samples in your physician’s office
    • Provide additional Draw Stations with free parking for those times when you don’t have an appointment or when getting to your physician’s office is not convenient
    • Utilize state-of-the-art robotics and equipment
    • Have a highly trained technical staff that is able to provide a wide range of laboratory procedures
    • Provide your physician access to your results within 24 hours for routine testing

    And, because you’re already a part of the Central Ohio Primary Care network, we can provide you with a seamless experience from start to finish. If your Central Ohio Primary Care physician is considered in-network for your insurance plan, then you can rest assured that our laboratory is as well. 

    We care about what's best for you!

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