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SameDay Centers

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COPC knows there are many times when you should be seen at your nearest emergency room. You will find a list here of reasons to seek immediate care or dial 911.

Your Central Ohio Primary Care physician’s office wants to keep you out of the Emergency Room as often as possible. ERs are expensive, inconvenient, and they do not follow up on your care and treatment plans. That is why we created our COPC SameDay Centers. You should always call your primary care physician first. If they are not able to see you that day, they will help you make an appointment with a board-certified physician at one of our centers. 

You can think of our SameDay Centers as an extension of your Central Ohio Primary Care physician’s office. We are able to access your medical records electronically so we understand your medical history, medications, and any treatment plans from your primary care physician. We add your SameDay Care visit to this record to keep your doctor up-to-date on your care.

The SameDay Care Centers offer expert, compassionate care for injuries including broken bones, sprains/strains, lacerations and burns. We also treat most common illnesses including colds, flu, viral illnesses, bronchitis / pneumonia, asthma and allergic reactions. Click here for a more detailed list of services offered.

When you are seen at a SameDay Care Center, you will be charged the same amount as a regular doctor visit. For most health plans, the standard office co-pay amount applies. This is a substantial savings over an emergency room visit.