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Cutting Edge Imaging and Radiology

At COPC, we make it a point to embrace the innovative technology that shapes the future of imaging and radiology. Our patients’ primary care physicians will receive clear and accurate results that they can trust. As part of this goal, we are proud to announce that we have added a new state-of-the-art MRI machine at our Reynoldsburg Imaging and Radiology Location.

COPC Senior Care Advantage

It’s a better than traditional Medicare Advantage care model with a revolutionary twist. Our program is a top quality and dynamic experience designed to be one step ahead of your health issues in addition to being highly cost-effective.

Innovative Physical Therapy

At COPC, the main focus of our physical therapy program is to enhance the well-being, function, and overall quality of life for every patient that comes to one of our physical therapy offices in Central Ohio. Our physical therapists make it their mission to help you maximize your movement potential, minimize your pain, and reach your mobility goals. Through our dynamic program, you will receive an individualized action plan that will give you the rehabilitation and encouragement you need to begin feeling better than ever.

Crosswoods Pediatrics

At Crosswoods Pediatrics, we make it our top priority to ensure that our patients are happy and healthy children. As part of always going the extra mile, we provide flexible hours in order to accommodate their various needs and schedules. From evening and weekend hours to open walk-ins, we ensure that your child will receive friendly and trusted care that is convenient and easily accessible.

Upper Arlington Preventative Primary Care

Our practice takes the holistic approach to healthcare and brings it to a whole new level. By promoting a culture of health and focusing on every individual, we aim to prevent and defend against diseases that may become problematic for our patients.