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Give your employees convenient, quality care.

Healthcare costs are on the rise. By partnering with COPC, your employees can access low-cost, high-quality on-site healthcare. According to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $225.8 billion dollars is lost annually by companies due to the number of sick days taken by employees.

By having an on-site healthcare provider, we can reduce the number of employees missing work by offering immunizations, on-site sick visits, and provide other health resources to your employees. Call to learn more about bringing COPC to your workplace.

Available Services from COPC

The Benefits of Having an On-site Healthcare Provider


Why leave the building to get the medical care you need? Because our office is located on-site, you can receive medical care without leaving work and impacting your work metrics.

Cost Savings

We provide ongoing health maintenance and preventative care for established patients. Disease prevention and early detection helps avoid costly ER and hospital visits.

Care Resources

You will have access to Central Ohio Primary Care’s resources and programs including: Cardiac Testing, Lab Services, Imaging/Radiology, and more.

Bring COPC to Your Office

Call to learn more about how you can bring your employees convenient, quality healthcare.

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