MyChart Proxy Access

With MyChart you can:

• See all or portions of you/your child’s medical record, including some test results, scans and images depending on the age of the child
• Monitor health care provided
• View and pay bills
• Send secure messages to some members of the health care team
• Request an appointment

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What is MyChart Proxy Access?

MyChart proxy access allows a person (the “proxy”) to access and manage the health information contained in the MyChart account of the proxy’s family member or person under the proxy’s care. Proxy access is commonly requested by parents of minor children or by adult children of aging parents.

Once granted proxy access, proxies are able to view medical information of the patient, send messages to providers, and schedule appointments on behalf of the patient.

Review the information below to find out how to request or grant proxy access. Please be aware a proxy must be at least 18 years old and have their own COPC MyChart account. Instructions on how to sign-up for a COPC MyChart account are available here.

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Proxy Access Basics

Parents, guardians, and adult caregivers who would like to become a proxy must first create their own MyChart account. Once completed, the parent, guardian, or adult caregiver can request and be granted “proxy access” to the MyChart accounts of those they care for. The level of access available to proxies depends on the patient’s age and ability to make decisions for themselves.

For patients under the age of 13:

  • Proxies will have full access to the information in the patient’s MyChart account.
  • Proxies will retain this level of access until the patient turns 18.
  • Patients under the age of 13 will not have their own separate MyChart account.

For patients aged 13 - 17:

  • Teenage patients between the ages of 13-17 are encouraged to participate in their own healthcare by creating their own MyChart account. To create an account, teenagers will need to receive an access code from their healthcare provider’s office. This can be done in person at the patient’s next visit or over the phone by calling the office.
  • Proxies will continue to have full access to the information in the patient’s MyChart account.
  • By having both an account for the patient and a proxy account for the parent, guardian, or caregiver, the patient’s healthcare provider can communicate with either party in a confidential way.
  • While proxies will have full access to the information in the patient’s MyChart account, please be aware that privacy laws require healthcare providers to give minor patients the option to limit the disclosure of certain sensitive information to the patient’s parents, guardians, or caregivers. Because of this, patients between the ages of 13-17 can limit the information included in their MyChart account in some instances.

For patients aged 18 and older:

  • When the patient turns 18, proxy access automatically ends. However, the patient can easily grant ongoing proxy access to their parent, guardian, caregiver, or any important adult in their life.
  • In special situations where the adult patient remains under the care of an adult guardian or another caregiver, the adult guardian or caregiver can keep proxy access with appropriate legal documentation (e.g., documentation showing legal guardianship or conservatorship).


  • Proxies must be at least 18 years old.
  • Proxies whose access is based on legal guardianship, healthcare power of attorney, or other similar legal relationship will need to provide supporting documentation of the legal relationship before being granted proxy access.


For those ages 18 and over, start by downloading the COPC MyChart app and creating your own account. Even if you are not a COPC patient yourself, you will need your own MyChart account to become a proxy.

Click here for instructions on how to create a MyChart account.

Once you have a MyChart account, you can request proxy access to a patient. If you have legal documents to support having proxy access, have them ready to upload.

Click here for instructions on how to request proxy access.

If the person you want to gain proxy access to has their own MyChart account, they can grant you access. This applies to adults and teenage patients ages 13 and older.

Click here for instructions on how to grant proxy access.

In addition to requesting or granting proxy access online, you can also request proxy access in person at the patient’s next visit to their healthcare provider. Just ask a COPC representative about obtaining proxy access during the check-in process.


COPC's MyChart is a free online health management tool used at all Central Ohio Primary Care facilities. It works alongside our electronic records system – ensuring your records are always updated.

All your health information in one place.

  • See all your medications
  • View lab and test results
  • View summaries of past appointments, including immunizations
  • View billing summaries and pay bills online

Connect with a doctor no matter where you are.

  • Send a message to your doctor’s office
  • Virtual visits
  • E-visits
  • Request medication refills

Quickly access your appointments.

  • Schedule acute care or wellness visits from your phone
  • See date and time of upcoming visits
  • Reschedule appointments
  • Use MyChart to complete check-in paperwork BEFORE you arrive

MyChart: Proxy Access
(For Mobile Devices)

MyChart: Proxy Access (For Mobile Devices)

Learn about granting long-term proxy access to a MyChart account if you help manage the care for a family member.

MyChart: Proxy Access
(For Desktop)

MyChart: Proxy Access (For Desktop)

Learn about granting long-term proxy access to a MyChart account if you help manage the care for a family member.

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