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COPC CareLink is a secure web portal that offers physicians and clinical teams access to patient electronic medical records in real-time.

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CareLink is a free, web-based application available to community providers. It offers external physicians and support staff read-only access to patient electronic medical records in real-time.

With CareLink, community providers can:

  • View patient medical records and documents via the web
  • See scheduled appointments and procedures ordered
  • Access patient information to verify medical billing and coding
  • Receive automatic receipts of patient activity at COPC
  • Share selected patients or entire practice patient data for easy shift transitions
  • Referral order entry

Other convenient CareLink features:

  • Quick password protected access to patient information with login
  • Patient event alerts allow providers to monitor their patient throughout the referral process
  • Record review for providers
  • Community Messages, a secure, web-based tool to communicate with specialists at COPC regarding the care of a mutual patient

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