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At COPC, our philosophy is to keep each and every one of our patients in good health through ongoing communication, comprehensive education, and preventative care. As part of this vision, each of our well-rounded physicians make it their mission to put their patients at the center of their care and provide the best medical services possible. Because we have a variety of primary care associates with a wide range specialties, we believe that COPC has the right doctor for you.

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With 44 adult practices to choose from at COPC, finding a primary care doctor has never been easier! Each COPC practice is a part of Central Ohio Primary Care, Inc., an organization of pediatricians, internists, endocrinologists, and family doctors who have joined together to centralize billing and negotiate with insurance companies.

COPC helps us with administrative responsibilities, allowing us to dedicate our attention to caring for our patients. With strength in numbers, we have a greater leverage with insurance companies, increasing the likelihood that they will cover appropriate services. We are confident that COPC allows us to provide excellent care for our patients while spending less time with administrative issues.

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