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“ Our mission is to provide the highest quality of primary health care to our patients while maintaining the highest ethical principles. ”

Our Beginning

Central Ohio Primary Care was established in 1996 when a group of 33 physicians chose to focus more on the quality of patient care they were providing and less on the administrative paperwork. The result was the creation of an administrative support team that gave doctors more freedom to do what they do best - practice medicine.

How We are Different and Better

Patient Centered Care

Our ultimate goal is to keep our patients healthy and out of the hospital if at all possible. As part of working towards that goal, we have chosen to work alongside of, rather than within a hospital system, in order to keep our patients’ best interest at heart and to maintain the highest level of medical excellence.

Unrestricted Access to Specialists

As part of maintaining the highest level of medical excellence, we believe in giving our patients unrestrained access to the best specialists and most advanced medical care facilities throughout Central Ohio. When you choose a COPC primary care physician, you also choose a health care partner that will work with specialists across all health systems and help you choose the options that work best for you.

Better Care at Even Better Prices

We strive to provide a wide variety of top quality health service options that work for each of our patients both medically and financially. With every program that we create and every service that we provide, we do our best to cut costs and save our patients money without compromising the supreme quality of care that we deliver.

Dynamic Patient Education

Our philosophy is to give all of our patients the best care and resources available in order for them to be knowledgeable, in control of their health, and feeling better as soon as possible. Through our various health service programs we aim to deliver care that gives each of our patients the power to achieve a healthier life.

Electronic Health Care Records

As a COPC patient, your medical history follows you electronically whenever you seek care at any of the COPC practices and Diagnostic Service Centers. All of this information is updated with each visit and is shared via a secure network with all specialists involved in keeping you healthy. This sharing of records prevents costly duplication of tests and prescriptions, and it helps us oversee your care more efficiently.






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