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Decision Making in the Age of COVID-19

As society reopens and families begin to venture out of quarantine, our physicians are being asked “When is it OK for me to…?” Every family’s situation and risk tolerance are unique.

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Try it Tuesday with Dates

Did you know that dates are loaded with nutrition? Discover the benefits of dates and how you can use them in your diet.

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Managing Children’s Fear of Separation when Preschools and Day Cares Re-open

As a result of Ohio's stay-at-home orders, the impact on many children of the abrupt staying at home likely included anxiety and distress.

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Feeding Strategies for Children

Interested in finding new ways to make mealtimes easier for your family? Overcome those food battles with these tricks and tips for picky eaters.

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Discovering Healthy Habits

Are you looking to achieve better health and wellness? If so, we can help you get started by showing you the three key components of a healthy lifestyle.

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Try it Tuesday with Edamame

Edamame is a complete vegetable protein with a surprising amount of health benefits. We can help you find ways to enjoy this tasty and simple snack!

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Talking to Your Kids About Coronavirus

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues, your kids are hearing about it. If you want to make sure they get reliable information and for them to hear it from you, we can help you get the conversation started.

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Bullying at School

Kids who are bullied can become depressed, develop low self-esteem, avoid school, feel physically ill, and even think about harming themselves.

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Preventing Falls During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Due to the recent CDC recommendations advising those 65+ to stay home as much as possible to lower the risk for contracting the virus, we want to ensure safety in the home and a focus on decreasing fall risk during this critical time.

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Heel Toe Raises with Counter Support

One great exercise for improving your balance is the "Heel Toe Raises With Counter Support." Read our article to give it a try!

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Standing Heel Raise with Support

Our "Standing Heel Raise With Support" exercise is great for improving your balance and strength! Check out our article to get started!

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Standing Tandem Balance with Counter Support

A great way to decrease your risk for falls is by exercising daily!

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