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At COPC, our philosophy is to keep each and every one of our patients in good health through ongoing communication, comprehensive education, and preventative care. As part of this vision, each of our well-rounded physicians make it their mission to put their patients at the center of their care and provide the best medical services possible. Because we have a variety of primary care associates with a wide range of specialties, we believe that we have the right doctor for you.


Are you a new patient looking to find a COPC physician? Schedule now and let our team handle the rest.


Are you a new patient looking to find a COPC physician? Schedule now and let our team hande the rest.

It's easy to pick the right provider

because you can't go wrong with any of ours.

With 51 adult practices to choose from at COPC, finding a primary care doctor you need with the conveniences you want can be fast and simple!

Our dynamic range of physicians at our adult-focused practices are dedicated to helping patients 18 years and older live well and achieve optimal health.

Choose a COPC doctor today and unlock your potential for better health and a network of support you can rely on!

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Staying Healthy at Work

With cold and flu season around the corner, it's important to do what you can to stay healthy this year. By thinking ahead and taking small precautions, you can significantly reduce your odds of becoming sick and spreading it to others. Because illnesses are commonly caught and spread in workplace environments, we have an article that can help you find ways to stay healthy at work.

What's In Your First-Aid Kit?

Having a well-stocked first-aid kit is important so that you are prepared to handle acute everyday ailments. But what should be in your first-aid kit? The contents of your first-aid kit will vary depending on the number of people it is designed to protect, individual specifications, as well as its intent for use. It's important to check your kit regularly to restock items that have been used, and to replace items that are out-of-date. Read our guide to build a first-aid kit or supplement the one you already have!

Bullying in the Workplace

You may find bullying on the playground or in your child’s classroom. But what about in your office? About 1 in 4 American workers have been bullied on the job. Many others have witnessed this abusive behavior. Bullying can affect more than job performance. It can take a toll on your health. Learn more about bullying in the workplace by reading our article.

Eat Better, Live Better

At Central Ohio Primary Care, our goal is for every one of our patients to live well and maintain the best health possible by providing dynamic education and resources. As part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we believe that it's important for people of all ages to have a balanced diet with nutritional value. In order to show you how to establish healthy eating habits, we have written a helpful guide to help you get started!

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