Five Reasons to Get Your Flu Shot


Flu season is firing up all over the country right now. The early fall to late winter virus rears its ugly and prays on our population every year. While the COVID-19 pandemic pushed the flu to the back of people’s minds in 2020, its virality and consequences haven’t changed.

As COVID Rescinds the Need for the Flu Shot Rises

More and more people are gathering in large crowds and returning to “normal” life or at least as close to pre-pandemic normal as possible. But while countless Americans are getting their COVID vaccines the flu still runs rampant and hasn’t disappeared. The need for your flu shot this year is as important as ever as society plans to gather and open back up fully. Below are five reasons to get your flu shot.

It Will Reduce Your Chances of Getting the Flu

The most obvious. 2020 saw reduced flu transmission rates due to social distancing and public restrictions in place because of COVID-19. In 2021, and going into 2022, those restrictions aren’t as prevalent. More and more people are gathering in larger groups, and the threat of flu transmission is getting higher. Getting the flu shot will lower your chances of getting the flu.

It’s Safe

Decades of research have validated the safety of the flu vaccine. According to Medical News Today, the flu shot – FDA approved in 1990 – has been scrutinized by health departments, doctors, and scientists around the world. The main conclusion? The flu shot is safe, and it does not cause the flu when you get the vaccine.

It Protects During and After Pregnancy

The concern of those pregnant and getting the flu shot is a viable concern. After there are chemicals going into your blood stream and directly feeding to your baby. However, studies have proven the safety of your baby and you when you get the flu shot.

A report from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found “no unusual patterns of pregnancy complications of fetal outcomes observed in the study.”

Further studies for the CDC also have found no link between flu shots and miscarriages.

It Keeps You Out of the Hospital

The truth is the hospital is not fun. It is downright stressful and expensive. A gigantic benefit of getting your flu shot is keeping yourself out of the hospital. According to the CDC, the flu shot all but guarantees you from going to the hospital due to the flu.

It Protects Your Children

Studies have proven the flu vaccine is safe for kids and reduces the likelihood of serious illness. A report from the CDC cited conducted a study of 358 child flu deaths in 2017, the research showed only four were vaccinated.

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