Great Beginnings Book Club- EP1


Welcome to Great Beginning's Book Club! In each book club episode, one of our COPC pediatricians will read a children's book with themes about healthy bodies, emotions, thoughts and relationships. 

Featured Book

The book featured in this episode is ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me, written by Sugar Snap Studio. 

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ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me presents 26 things-from A to Z- that make us special and that are worth celebrating! From our bodies and our emotions to our interests and hobbies, there is so much to celebrate about ourselves! We all have different talents, ideas, and things to say, but we are more similar than we are different. ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me presents a whole alphabet full of positive attributes kids can celebrate, including their bodies, skin, eyes, and hair, on the outside, as well as inner qualities such as their interests, kindness, and personalities.  

This book shows that when we work together and respect each other, we can do great things! A fun read for the whole family, ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me is not only perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs but also encouraging kids to love themselves- and other people too-just as they are. 

It's Storytime!

Follow along with Dr. Nardia Ataman as she reads ABC Let's Celebrate You & Me

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The books featured are merely suggestions from COPC and not an endorsement. Our aim is to foster empathy, and some of the books, as in life, may deal with new or touchy subjects, which in our minds provides the perfect opportunity for family discussions with the developing child in a loving safe environment. 

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