Pediatric Care Coordination


Pediatric Care Coordination

The unexpected arrives often and sometimes finding the right resources to help can be difficult. You may find yourself needing assistance to pay rent or a utility bill; you may learn that your child was diagnosed with a medical condition and requires follow-up with a specialist but are overwhelmed or unsure of where to start; you may find yourself thinking your child needs help at school, but you are uncertain of how to ask or even who to ask? COPC has a team of Pediatric Care Coordinators who work specifically with these types of situations and many others every day. Our Care Coordinators work with families to link them with resources available in the community. Care Coordinators help with a variety of things from food assistance, linking with a counselor, helping new moms, to even assistance with navigating the special education system.

                COPC’s Pediatric Care Coordinators work with families, your pediatrician, specialists, counselors, schools, insurance, and many other agencies involved in your family’s life. Care Coordinators assist with providing the best care possible for your child and ensuring that your pediatrician is aware of any changes or updates. They are also experienced with helping to advocate for families that require additional assistance at school, with insurances for needed treatments, and with other agencies such as your local Board of Developmental Disabilities. In addition to those services, Care Coordinators also help families navigate complex systems such as behavioral or mental health. Care Coordinators are here to provide additional support for your child, but also for parents and the family.

If you find yourself experiencing hardship or feel your family has needs that are not being met, please talk with your pediatrician, and ask about being linked with a Care Coordinator. COPC’s Pediatric Care Coordinators are available by phone, in-office visit, or even in-home to help link you with resources you need. For more urgent needs, please visit for a wide variety of community resources to access today.

                Lastly, as we head into Summer, we wanted to share some summer safety tips. Playing outside is great in the summer but does come with some risks. Please remember to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 on your child 30 minutes before they go outside, then reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours and after swimming or sweating. Make sure children stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. If riding a bicycle, please always wear a helmet. With children home, please be sure firearms are locked up and kept separate from ammunition in your home as well as any home your child visits. Lastly, please do not allow children to swim or handle fireworks unsupervised. For a more complete list of summer safety tips, please visit these websites through Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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