Holiday Travel Safety Tips

This holiday season, we hope that our patients and their families have safe and healthy celebrations. To help make this possible, we have an article filled with useful information that can help you stay safe and put your mind at ease.

Holiday Travel Safety

November 21, 2018

With the holiday season in full swing and a variety of celebrations around the corner, it's important to always keep safety in mind throughout your travels. Whether it's a short drive in the car or a long airplane flight, we have some helpful tips that can help put you at ease!

Car Safety:

  • Children are killed by car accidents more than any other cause, which is why it's important to always drive cautiously and watch out for potential driving hazards (especially in inclement weather.)
  • Every time you are in the car, make sure your child is properly seated and buckled in. This includes making sure your child rides in the appropriate car seat or booster seat based on the age, height, and weight manufacturing specifications.
  • Install the car seat in the properly. The safest place for a car seat is the middle of the rear seat, but the rear side position is the next best option. Never place it in the front seat of a vehicle equipped with passenger side airbags.
  • Use a rear-facing car seat for your infant or toddler until they are 2 years of age, or until they reach the height and weight limits allowed by the car seat's manufacturing specifications.
  • Use a belt-positioning booster seat if your child's height and weight is above the forward facing car seat limit. A child should be in a booster seat until he or she is 4 feet, 9 inches tall and 8 to 12 years old.
  • When it's cold out, instead of choosing a bulky coat or snowsuit, dress your child in a thinner coat and cover their lap with a blanket to keep them warm. This will ensure they will fit properly and securely in the car seat.
  • For older children who no longer require car seats, always make sure they wear a seat belt.

Airplane Tips:

  • Unless you are certain that child safety seats are available at your destination, you should bring along your child's seat from home.
  • If you're traveling with a young infant, request the bulkhead seats on long-distance flights. These often these have infant beds that attach to the ceiling of the aircraft.
  • To relieve ear pain/popping an older child can find relief if they swallow often, chew gum, or drink fluids (especially during take-off.) For very young children, you can use a bottle or pacifier to help "pop" the ears. If you have a baby, try to keep them awake as the plane descends (if possible.)
  • To relieve your child's motion sickness you can encourage them to sleep, offer them eat a light snack, or give them sunglasses to reduce visual stimulation.

Ways To Improve Your Trip Overall:

  • Keep your child quietly occupied by bringing along plenty of games, toys, and books. The advent of children's rolling suitcases allows even young children to carry on many of their favorite belongings.
  • Arrange for special children's meals in advance, particularly if your children are picky eaters. Also, carry along favorite foods and snacks in case there is a shortage of meals.
  • If you're travelling with an infant on a long-distance trip, be sure to take along enough infant formula and baby food for a 24-hour period.

Contact Us If:

  • Your child has a chronic illness or a weak immune system, so we can advise you on the special travel precautions you will need to take.
  • Your child is prone to motion sickness, so we can discuss what medicine may be appropriate.
  • You plan to travel abroad, especially to countries with increased communicable disease exposure risks, so your child can get the required vaccines and prevention medications in advance.
  • You need to schedule a consultation appointment. Please note that you need to arrange it at least 1 month prior to but no later than 2 weeks before you depart.

It's important to have healthy holidays too! For advice on ways to eat healthy and still enjoy your favorite holiday treats, we encourage you to check out our insightful article!

Celebrate The Healthy Way!