You’re My Little Baby

by Eric Carle

Another masterpiece from The World of Eric Carle book series. This adorable rhyming book features different animals and their babies playing and spending time together. Toddlers will love the touch and feel features sprinkled throughout the book.

How Do You Say Good Night

by Cindy Jin

This beautifully illustrated book is a perfect bedtime story for babies and toddlers. It reviews how to say “good night” in different places and in different languages. This can be their first introduction to a foreign language.

Every Little Thing

adapted by Cedella Marley

This cheerful and colorful book is sure to be a hit with preschoolers. Based on the popular Bob Marley song “Three little birds”, it follows a little boy as he goes off to school and encounters different things throughout his day. The three little birds follow along and remind him not to worry about anything “cause every little thing is gonna be all right”.

Skin Like Mine

by Latashia M Perry

Anyone hungry? This book celebrates different skin tones and likens them to delicious foods and desserts. It gives meaning to the phrase “skin like mine is quite divine” all while stressing that what’s on the inside is what truly matters.

Let’s Celebrate You and Me

by Sugar Snap Studio

This clever book has lots of bright colors and wonderful illustrations. It uses the alphabet to highlight things that make us unique while at the same time revealing that we also have some things in common. Woven through the book are positive messages of kindness, respect, and acceptance for all.