Don’t Touch My Hair!

by Sharee Miller

This fun, vibrant, and imaginative book teaches children and adults alike about the importance of personal boundaries, respect, and consent.

In My Mosque

by M.O. Yuksel

A colorfully poetic book illustrating the diversity of Islam and the role of the mosque in joyful celebration and faith.

I Sang You Down from the Stars

by Tasha Spillet-Sumner

“I loved you before I met you. Before I held you in my arms, I sang you down from the stars.” This touching story celebrates the love between a mother and a newborn baby, emphasizing a connection of tradition, family, and community inspired by Native culture.

Ruby Finds a Worry

by Tom Percivel

One of the Big Bright Feelings picture book series promoting emotional intelligence, this story features Ruby, who is learning that everyone has worries.

A Boy Like You

by Frank Murphy

A positive book supporting boys to develop their inner strength, it focuses on kindness, respect for self and others, asking for help, and dreaming big.