Clinical and Non-Clinical Careers

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The future or primary care is about a better system of care. A model where people come first, and the best care and competitive pricing aren’t mutually exclusive.

We are leading the nation with a new care delivery process that offers higher quality patient care with greater efficiency and fewer unnecessary costs. We are committed to a continuum of care that reaches throughout our organization and is the best for our patients and the best for primary care.

Clinical and Non-Clinical Careers

Discover how working at COPC is a rewarding career.

A Culture of Kindness

Over the years, I have witnessed growth and opportunity beyond my expectations from when I first walked through COPC’s doors.

While our company and staff have grown so much over the years, so does our culture of kindness. I love coming to work because of the people who surround me. We are a strong organization with many teams of leadership and staff excellence who strive for the good of our patients and for COPC.

— Annette, 25 Years as a COPC Team Member

The Benefits of working at Central Ohio Primary Care

A Friendly Environment

COPC is a great place to work because of the people that you work with. Your colleagues become your friends and those friendships extend out of the office into your daily life. There is a family atmosphere that is hard to come by these days.

— Scott, 9 Years as a COPC Team Member

We are constantly striving to be the best for our patients, the best for our employees, and The Best for Primary Care.

Outstanding Coworkers

I have had a front row seat to this company's growth. Through innovation and integrity COPC has jumped leaps and bounds to improve the quality of patient care. All departments throughout COPC have an open door and at any point you need someone they are always a few steps away. I have an outstanding team of coworkers and managers who stand beside me, support me, and care enough to make this the best place to work.

— Brittany, 8 Years as a COPC Team Member

A Caring Company

I love working for COPC because they genuinely care about not only their patients but their staff. You never go unnoticed for your hard work and dedication. COPC is true to their values.

— Chelsea, 7 Years as a COPC Team Member

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