Healow App Overview

Securely Access Your Health Information on the Go

About the Healow App

The Healow app allows you to conveniently take charge of your health on your mobile device. You can view your health records and results, access your appointments, communicate with your COPC provider, and more.

If you have any questions, call your provider's office or call (614) 741-8314.

Get Started

Before you can get started with the Healow app you must have Patient Portal access. To get access, you will need to contact your primary care provider.

A member of their team will register you and will send a welcome email for you to get started.

Contact Your Provider

Getting Started

Requirements for using the Healow App

Step 1

Download the Healow app

For Apple/iOS users, download the Healow app on the App Store.

For Google/Android users, download the Healow app on the Play Store.

Step 2

Find Central Ohio Primary Care

Search for Central Ohio Primary Care by entering the code: CCDGBA

Step 3

Log into the app

Log into the Healow app with your Patient Portal username and password.

Using Telehealth Visits

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment

To make an appointment, call your provider's office to schedule a virtual Telehealth appointment.

Call Your Provider

Step 2

View Appointment

In the “My Appointments” section, click on the TeleVisit icon under the appointment time.

Step 3

Begin Telehealth Visit

To start your virtual Telehealth appointment, click on the “Start TeleVisit” button on the bottom of the screen.

Step 4

Enter Your Vitals

You will be prompted to enter in your vitals, this is optional. Click on “Submit Vitals” when you finish.

Then click on “Start TeleVisit”

Step 5

Wait For Your Provider

After clicking on “Start TeleVisit” You will then be placed in the virtual waiting room where your provider will join shortly.


Patients with children/dependents have the option to access their dependents' Patient Portals via the Healow app for refills, medical records, Telehealth visits, etc. Here's how to add multiple patients to the same Healow app.

Step 1

Log into the Healow App

Log into the Healow app using the parent/caregivers Patient Portal login information

Step 2

Add New User

Click on the user icon in the top left corner of the screen

Step 3

Link New Account

Click on the “Link New Account” button on the bottom of the dropdown menu.

Step 4

Provider Search

Use the searchbox at the top of the screen and choose how to find the account (by provider name, practice name, or practice code/phone number.)

Then select the “Search” button and choose the appropriate provider.

Step 5

Enter New User's Patient Portal Login Credentials

Enter the Patient Portal username and password for the dependent you wish to add.

Step 6

Select Relationship and Login

Select “This account belongs to Myself” and choose the relationship of the dependent you are adding and tap the “Login” button.