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Flu season is around the corner, contact us today so you can get your flu vaccine. Don't forget to get your yearly physical! Be sure to schedule before the year ends!



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Welcome to Keystone Primary Care!

We believe in focusing on each patient as an individual with unique physical, social, and mental health needs. In addition to our individualized approach, we provide a friendly and comfortable environment that patients and families of all ages can feel welcome in. Because we serve patients of all ages and walks of life, we believe that our practice can be an excellent medical home for you and your family.

Your Health Is Important to Us!

We strive to provide you with excellent care and help you stay a step ahead of potential health issues. As part of this goal we want to remind you that we have same day appointments available for acute problems and it's important to get your physical before the end of the year.

Practice Overview

As your Medical Home/Primary Care Provider, we aspire to provide you with

  • Patient centered accessible two-way communication
  • Establishment and adherence to evidence-based clinical guidelines
  • A general understanding that you, as a patient, exist within an entire framework of family/work/stress/health/illness, rather than just a 15 minute office visit.

Your Obligations as a Patient

  • Act as a team member in your health care by following our recommendations and policies
  • Communicating openly and honestly about your health and self-care
  • Become actively engaged in self-management of any chronic condition
  • Every effort should be made to maintain your healthcare appointments with your usual primary care physician - please communicate which physician you would like to see when scheduling your appointment, either by phone or email
  • In the event that your assigned primary care physician is not in the office and you are actually ill, we can always schedule you with an alternative physician for that visit, but it is important for your long-term health that one doctor, most familiar with you, continues to be the leader of your health team

Sick Visits for Established Patients

If you are ill and would like to be seen on the same day, contact the office by phone before noon on that day. We have same-day appointments for sick visits, but often they will fill up by noon of that day. We want to make every effort to keep you from needing to visit an urgent care, and have established policies that allow you to be seen even if we are full, for sore throats, urinary tract symptoms, and asthma exacerbations. 

Discovering Healthy Habits

Are you looking to achieve better health and wellness? If so, we can help you get started by showing you the three key components of a healthy lifestyle! To learn more about how you can integrate healthy eating, exercise, and preventative care in your everyday life, we encourage you to read our article!

SameDay Care Centers

Our SameDay Centers deliver excellent care that’s a cut above the typical Emergency Room and Urgent Care experience, at a significantly lower cost. By choosing one of our SameDay Centers, you can be seen after traditional hours or when your regular physician is unable to see you that same day.

After-Hours Support Center - (614) 865-3125

If you are a COPC patient, the After-Hours Support Center is available to help you find the care you need. When you call our After-Hours Support Center, a Nurse Practitioner on staff will address your concerns and guide you in the right direction. Mondays - Fridays from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm and weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, our nurses can help you schedule appointments with your COPC physician, refer you to a SameDay Center, and help you with prescription refills until you can reach your COPC physician’s office directly (limited to small quantities of your current medications only.)

Breast Cancer Facts

Did you know that one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer? Because breast cancer is one of the most common forms that impact women, we highly encourage all adult women to learn more about this disease and take preventative measures!

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