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A New Beginning

We are thrilled to announce that we are now operating out of our new office at 890 N. High Street, Suite 200 in Worthington! We are excited to continue seeing the current patients that followed us here and to help new patients in the future.

What We Strive For

Although we changed our name from Crosswoods Pediatrics to Worthington Pediatrics, our mission and commitment to our patients remains the same. Our ultimate goal is to provide the friendly and well-rounded care that our patients need in order to live happy and healthy lives. As part of this mission we provide flexible evening, weekend, and walk-in hours to give our patients convenient access to our services.

Planning to Travel Abroad?

If you are planning to travel outside the United States to countries known to have a risk of exposure to communicable diseases and require additional vaccines or Malaria prevention medication, please be aware of our policy. All patients need to contact our office to schedule a brief travel consultation appointment at least 1 month prior to the intended departure and no later than 2 weeks before.

Walk-in Hours

At Worthington Pediatrics, we offer flexible hours in order to accommodate our patients' various needs and schedules. We have walk- in hours available starting at 8:00 am Monday - Friday for acute illnesses such as ear pain, sore throat, pink eye, rash, cough/ congestion, and fever. Our walk-in hours are only for established patients and will be on a first come first served basis.

Practice Overview

Call Hours

We will be available weekdays to answer medical questions by telephone. Call the office during office hours and press option 4 for triage and leave a message for the nurse. Have your list of questions prepared, paper to write down instructions, and the telephone number of your pharmacy. Routine parenting questions are best answered during a checkup.

To schedule an appointment

Please call the office during office hours. There is always a pediatrician on call for EMERGENCIES after hours. When you leave a message, please spell your last name and repeat your telephone number.

Sports Physical Announcement 

Prior to your child receiving a “sports physical” at a clinic, school or drug store, please call our office at 614-540-7339 to inquire if he/she already has a current sport’s form on file. If we do not have a form on file and your child has been seen in our office for a physical within the last year, we are happy to complete the form for a small fee.

If your child has not been seen within the last year, please call our office to schedule an appointment.

Prescription Policies and Information

Prescriptions and refills will be handled at scheduled office visits and enough medicine will be prescribed to last at least until the patient’s next appointment. Since we expect to fill prescriptions at the office visit, running out may be a signal that it is time to call our office to schedule an appointment. We request patients be seen annually for routine medication refills. If your prescription insurance plan requires a prior authorization for a medication, you will be responsible for obtaining a Prior Authorization Form from your insurance company for your physician to complete.  While our office staff and physicians do their best to help patients obtain their maximum prescription benefits, insurance plans, including drug coverage plans, are a contract between the patient and the patient's insurance company. 

If you need to change pharmacies or change your prescription to mail order, the law in the State of Ohio permits non-expired prescriptions to be transferred to the new pharmacy without charge or interruption. In the case of most mail order pharmacies, they disregard this provision and require prescriptions to be re-written. In the event that this is preferred by the patient BEFORE their next routine visit, the patient has a couple of choices: 1) make an appointment to see the doctor for repeat refills, 2) wait for their next regular visit to change pharmacies, or 3) pay a fee for the patient's physician to review their medical records and re-write the prescription - which will then need to be picked up at the office.  Lost prescriptions for controlled medications (such as pain medications, sleeping aides, etc.) will not be replaced.

We discourage the practice of calling in prescriptions as it does not allow the patient or the doctor to re-evaluate the appropriateness of the prescription, and follow the condition for which the medication has been prescribed. We do not accept calls from pharmacies to refill medications. When pharmacies call us, we request contact directly with the patient.

Office Policies

  • Present insurance card at each visit.
  • Pay office visit copay as required by your insurance.
  • Pay "balance due" within 30 days of receiving a billing statement.
  • Give 24 hours notice for an appointment that needs to be cancelled or rescheduled. Repeat offenders may be asked to find another pediatrician.
  • A missed appointment fee of $20 may apply if a 24-hour notice is not received.
  • Give 3-5 day notice for prescription refills.
  • Give 3-5 day notice for form completion.
  • Give 3-5 day notice for insurance referrals.
  • Treatment for patients under the age of 18:  a parent or legal guardian must be present at the visit. If a parent or legal guardian cannot be present, a signed consent note must be sent with the patient in order for the provider to examine the patient. If the visit is for a physical, we require the parent or guardian to be present or the visit will need to be rescheduled.
  • Bring all necessary school/sport forms to your visit. You must complete the parent/history section of the form prior to the provider completing the form.
  • Forms must be provided at the time of physical/visit.  Otherwise a fee will be charged according to the following forms:
  • $5.00 Medication Forms
  • $10.00 Immunization and Sports Forms

Parent-Focused Nutrition Class

Our class aims to give parents the tools they need to help their children lead healthy lives. If your child is a COPC pediatric patient and you are looking for ways to improve your child's eating habits, attending our insightful session is a great place to start!

Grocery Store Tours

Are you interested in learning about how to make healthy choices when you go grocery shopping? If so, we highly encourage you to participate in our workshops that are free for all COPC pediatric patients and caregivers!

Pediatric Support Centers

Our Support Center provides care to COPC families that’s exceptionally better than the traditional Emergency Room and Urgent Care experience, at a significantly lower cost. Scheduling an appointment (through your child’s COPC pediatrician) with our Pediatric Support Center allows your child to be seen by one of our outstanding pediatricians after typical office hours and on weekends.

Medicine Dosages Made Easy

Not sure about how much medicine to give to your child? Click the button below to see our chart with recommended dosage amounts!

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