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About COPC Hospitalists

COPC Hospitalists are a team of over 65 physicians who specialize in the care of hospitalized patients. They are partners with primary care physicians and are immediately available to take care of you in the event you are hospitalized. This team is in the hospital 24 hours a day, every day, to ensure you are provided with the best hospital care possible.

Our Hospitalists have access to all COPC physicians’ office records. When a patient arrives at the hospital, they review these records to help determine the tests needed and specialists that should be consulted. Fewer unnecessary testing and procedures will be required and less costs will be incurred when everyone involved in the recent care of the patient is reviewing the same records. In the same manner, all important information and test results from a patient’s hospital stay will be sent directly back to their primary care physician’s office.

Transition of Care Specialists

We will be here for you when you need a helping hand or just a hand to hold.

COPC Transition of Care Specialists are not employed by the hospital system. Rather, these nurses are employed by the COPC Hospitalists team to ensure that their patients have the information and care they require during and after their hospital stay. These specialists will help smooth the transitions of each patient into and out of the hospital and are a resource not only for the patient, but their worried family members.

We know that care instructions can be confusing and hard to follow when patients leave the hospital. The Transition of Care Specialists will assist patients in making follow-up appointments, scheduling critical medical testing, and ensuring the correct medications and prescriptions are ordered. And after a patient is home for a couple of days, this team will follow up to see how the patient is doing and to see if any further assistance might be needed to help them in their recovery.

Recent statistics have shown that our COPC Transition of Care Specialists have helped to decrease avoidable readmissions to hospitals. We believe that this team is helping lay the groundwork as all of our practices move toward The Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and eventually, The Accountable Care Organization (ACO).

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COPC Hospitalists

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COPC Hospitalists

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Sabreen Abu Obaid, MD

Vaishali Admane, MD

Onma Ameh, MD

Cregg D. Ashcraft, MD

Richard Bakker, MD

Pierre S. Barua, MD

Sydulu Bathini, MD

Ravikiran Bellala, MD

Anirban Biswas, MD

Natalie S. Bodnar, DO

Jason P. Cappuzzello, DO

Cristina P. Chandler, CNP

Venkatesh Chirravuri, MD

Danielle J. Clemmer, DO

Julie A. Colella, DO

David L. Condon, MD

Kelly L. Conklin, DO

Thomas M. Cowan, MD

Kelly K. Cranker, CNP

Boyd D. Curtis, MD

Donald P. Deep, MD

Matthew Derby, DO

Kathryn DeWitt, CNP

Muhammadi Fatima, MD

Jean E. Flaherty, DO

Annamarie Folk, CNP

Hussam Fustok, MD

Emma Gano, DO

Mili D. Goyal, MD

Eric W. Hard, MD

Brian Harmeyer, DO

Jameelah S. Harris, DO

Shahed Hasnat, MD

Galen Hayek, DO

Svitlana I. Haynes, MD

Paul He, DO

Blase Hennessy, MD

Diana Hennessy, MD

Louis W. Hevezi, MD

Nicholas P. Honda, MD

Jessica B. Hunter, MD

Olanrewaju Ishola, MD

Nishit Jhaveri, MD

Olamide Johnson, DO

Leena Kavuluri, MD

Anuradha Kesari, DO

Srikanth Kesari, MD

Malvina Khozina, MD

Shashi Kumar, MD

Ryan Lauf, DO

Helen E. Leahy, CNP

Bo Na Lee, MD

Anne Mathew, MD

Kevin McAninch, DO

Sara Miller, CNP

Jamie Minor, CNP

Kimberly M. Morton, MD

Summiyah Nasir, MD

Svetlana Novak, MD

Samatha Paladugu, MD

Aradhi Pandya, MD

Jaymin Patel, DO

Bhairavi M. Patel, MD

Bharatkumar Patel, MD

Rupenkumar Patel, MD

Shunaid Pathan, MD

Misael Purugganan, MD

Adam Rush, MD

Renee M. Schwaderer, DO

Animesh Sharma, MD

Rajiv K. Sheth, MD

George Shu, MD

Sana Siddiqui, MD

Rao Singh, MD

Andrew J. Smith, DO

Kristen M. Stauffer, CNP

Stevco Stefanoski, MD

Jennifer A. Sturgill, DO

Fouzia Tariq, MD

Brian S. Taylor, MD

Mohan K. Thirugnanam, MD

Amy Thomas, CNP

Nilesh Varma, MD

Jasmine Varma, MD

Qianli Zhuang, MD

Robert J. Zsoldos, MD