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Welcome to Provider Physicians North

At Provider Physicians North, our goal is to provide high quality and individualized medical care. We strive to be partners in our patient's health care and encourage them to participate in all treatment decisions and ask questions if you are not sure of the treatment plan or diagnosis or condition.

Practice Overview

When you visit, you will be greeted by our highly professional, medical receptionist and checked in. Please provide her with your photo ID, insurance card, and co-pay (if applicable). You will need to provide your insurance card at each and every visit.  After you have been checked in, and we have a room available, you will be escorted back by a medical assistant who will take your weight and vital signs and your chief complaint for your visit.  Then the doctor will enter the room to exam you. Our office is conveniently located in the same building as the laboratory, radiology, CAT scans, MRI’s and a SameDay Center.

Appointments & Referrals

Appointments can be made by calling our main office number (614) 451-1551. New patients are asked to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to their scheduled visit time in order to fill out new patient paperwork.  We ask that you give us 24 hours notice if cancelling an appointment. This allows us to be able to give another patient who may be ill, your appointment time.  Please try to be on time for your appointment, we try to see patients on a timely basis but as you know, sometimes there are emergencies that will cause us to run late, but we do our best to stay on time.

We try to see patients who are ill on the same day. If we are unable to see you we have a same day center on the first floor that we can schedule you with, but we make every effort to see you.  For your convenience we have a phlebotomist on staff to take care of your lab needs.  If we do not do labs on the day of your visit you are free to schedule an appointment with her.

Prescription Policies and Information

We have an automated voice mail prompt for prescription refill requests 24 hours a day seven days a week.  We ask that you use this prompt as it will reduce the amount of calls coming into the office, thereby reducing the amount of time that you may spend on hold when calling. Please be prepared to leave the following information on our prescription line:

  • Your name (with spelling) and date of birth.
  • Your daytime phone number in case we have any questions.
  • Your doctors name.
  • Your pharmacy name, location and phone number.
  • Name of the requested drug with spelling, strength and frequency taken.
  • Number of days supply needed (30 or 90 day supply).

We can always take your refill request on the phone if you do not feel comfortable using the prescription line. 

Please allow 24-48 hours for your prescription to be refilled. This includes if you leave it on the prescription line.  Obviously if you leave a refill request on the prescription line on a Saturday or Sunday please do not expect it to be completed until Tuesday. 

Prescriptions and refills can be handled at scheduled office visits and enough medicine will be prescribed to last at least until the patient’s next appointment. Since we expect to fill prescriptions at the office visit, running out may be a signal that it is time to call our office to schedule an appointment. We request patients be seen annually for routine medication refills. Please note that there is a $10 prescription fee for refill requests without an appointment. If your prescription insurance plan requires a prior authorization for a medication, you will be responsible for obtaining a Prior Authorization Form from your insurance company for your physician to complete.  While our office staff and physicians do their best to help patients obtain their maximum prescription benefits, insurance plans, including drug coverage plans, are a contract between the patient and the patient's insurance company. 

If you need to change pharmacies or change your prescription to mail order, the law in the State of Ohio permits non-expired prescriptions to be transferred to the new pharmacy without charge or interruption. In the case of most mail order pharmacies, they disregard this provision and require prescriptions to be re-written. In the event that this is preferred by the patient BEFORE their next routine visit, the patient has a couple of choices: 1) make an appointment to see the doctor for repeat refills, 2) wait for their next regular visit to change pharmacies, or 3) pay a fee for the patient's physician to review their medical records and re-write the prescription - which will then need to be picked up at the office.  Lost prescriptions for controlled medications (such as pain medications, sleeping aides, etc.) will not be replaced.

Discovering Healthy Habits

Are you looking to achieve better health and wellness? If so, we can help you get started by showing you the three key components of a healthy lifestyle! To learn more about how you can integrate healthy eating, exercise, and preventative care in your everyday life, we encourage you to read our article!

SameDay Care Centers

Our SameDay Centers deliver excellent care that’s a cut above the typical Emergency Room and Urgent Care experience, at a significantly lower cost. By choosing one of our SameDay Centers, you can be seen after traditional hours or when your regular physician is unable to see you that same day.

After-Hours Support Center - (614) 865-3125

If you are a COPC patient, the After-Hours Support Center is available to help you find the care you need. When you call our After-Hours Support Center, a Nurse Practitioner on staff will address your concerns and guide you in the right direction. Mondays - Fridays from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm and weekends from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, our nurses can help you schedule appointments with your COPC physician, refer you to a SameDay Center, and help you with prescription refills until you can reach your COPC physician’s office directly (limited to small quantities of your current medications only.)

Breast Cancer Facts

Did you know that one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer? Because breast cancer is one of the most common forms that impact women, we highly encourage all adult women to learn more about this disease and take preventative measures!

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