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Our Mission at Powell Pediatric Care

To serve families through caring pediatric health excellence reflecting the character of Jesus, our Great Physician.

Common Infant Questions

For help on crying, fussiness & colic, dressing your infant, outdoors, pacifier vs. thumb sucking, skin care, sleeping, sneezing, coughing, hiccups, spitting up, stools, sibling reactions, and safety, see our manual.

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Newborn Care

For questions regarding the post-birth of your child including circumcision care, jaundice, cord care and bathing your baby, feel free to download our instruction manual.

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Infant Nutrition

For questions regarding general breast feeding, bottle feeding, cow’s milk & solids, and vitamins, download our manual.

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Common Illnesses

For questions concerning the common cold, cough, croup, diarrhea, earache, fever, rash, sore throat, and vomiting, feel free to download our PDF file.

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New and Expectant Parents

Our office offers Get Acquainted Meetings for expectant parents every other month at 8:30 am. During these meetings, you will have the opportunity to meet our physicians and some of our staff. They will go over what to expect in the hospital, scheduling appointments, insurance, and triage protocols. Please call our office at (614) 888-8989 to register for one of our meetings.

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First Aid for Common Injuries

For help with basic first aid for burns, cuts, head injuries, and poisoning, please see our manual below.

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About Powell Pediatric Care

Welcome To Powell Pediatric Care

We provide comprehensive and individualized pediatric care for children from birth through adolescence. Our primary concern is the health and well being of your child and we believe that the best patient-physician relationship is based on open and honest communication. Our highly qualified physicians and nurses are dedicated to providing exceptional care and the support/ resources necessary for you to make the most educated decisions about your child’s health.

Prescription Policies and Information

Prescriptions and refills will be handled at scheduled office visits and enough medicine will be prescribed to last at least until the patient’s next appointment. Since we expect to fill prescriptions at the office visit, running out may be a signal that it is time to call our office to schedule an appointment. We request patients be seen annually for routine medication refills. If your prescription insurance plan requires a prior authorization for a medication, you will be responsible for obtaining a Prior Authorization Form from your insurance company for your physician to complete.  While our office staff and physicians do their best to help patients obtain their maximum prescription benefits, insurance plans, including drug coverage plans, are a contract between the patient and the patient's insurance company. 

If you need to change pharmacies or change your prescription to mail order, the law in the State of Ohio permits non-expired prescriptions to be transferred to the new pharmacy without charge or interruption. In the case of most mail order pharmacies, they disregard this provision and require prescriptions to be re-written. In the event that this is preferred by the patient BEFORE their next routine visit, the patient has a couple of choices:

  1. Make an appointment to see the doctor for repeat refills
  2. Wait for their next regular visit to change pharmacies
  3. Pay a fee for the patient's physician to review their medical records and re-write the prescription - which will then need to be picked up at the office.  Lost prescriptions for controlled medications (such as pain medications, sleeping aides, etc.) will not be replaced.

We discourage the practice of calling in prescriptions as it does not allow the patient or the doctor to re-evaluate the appropriateness of the prescription, and follow the condition for which the medication has been prescribed. We do not accept calls from pharmacies to refill medications. When pharmacies call us, we request contact directly with the patient.  

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Powell Pediatric Care

Learn more about Powell Pediatric Care.

Pediatric Nutrition Classes

Is your child a COPC pediatric patient? If so, our free classes can help you learn practical tips to improve your family's nutrition. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist facilitates each class and will give you the most up-to-date recommendations for your growing child.

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Pediatric Support Centers

Our Support Center provides care to COPC families that’s exceptionally better than the traditional Emergency Room and Urgent Care experience, at a significantly lower cost. Scheduling an appointment (through your child’s COPC pediatrician) with our Pediatric Support Center allows your child to be seen by one of our outstanding pediatricians after typical office hours and on weekends.

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Medicine Dosages Made Easy

Not sure about how much medicine to give to your child? Click the button below to see our chart with recommended dosage amounts.

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Nationwide Children's Hospital Helping Hands Resources

The Helping Hands resources are written, produced, and provided by the Nationwide Children's Hospital professionals. For information on a variety of pediatric health topics, please click the button below to view their Helping Hands resources.

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